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==> Take the story in an anything but serious direction

Karkat is standing, holding the reins of his musclebeast and leading it back to the stable. He's just come back from a ride and, as expected, Dave was waiting for his return.

"Grubfucking farmboy; polish my musclebeast's saddle. I want it so shining I can see my fucking face in it by morning." He told him, walking past him and into the stable.

"As you wish." Dave replied with a slight shrug; cool as always. Karkat glanced back at him, still never sure what to say to that even though it was all Dave ever said to him.


Dave was outside chopping wood when Karkat came out to him, large plastic lined sacks with him that he dropped at Dave's feet.

"Nubsucking farmboy; fill these with water." Karkat said, his default frown on his face. Dave glanced up at him, and just that look had him stupidly flustered; "please", he added.

And, as always, Dave replied "as you wish". Dave's gaze bores into him, and even as Karkat leaves (flustered and fuming) he can feel his stare. He turns around, Dave looking away and picking up the sacks. And when he walks away to fill them this time it's Karkat staring off after him.

Karkat returned to his room, spending a fair few hours staring into space. Past him was such a moron; how didn't he see it before? It was so obvious now, the ironic way Dave meant "I hate you" when he said "as you wish".


It's later into the future, and Dave is bringing in firewood and Karkat is realising he truly hated Dave back.

Dave put the wood down and began to leave. Karkat turned to tell him; desperate to say something but his words died in his throat. Instead, he glanced out of the corner of his eye and the words came spilling out on their own.

"F-farmboy, fetch me that pitcher." He'd always thought he was good at blackrom. He was certainly better at it than redrom, but... something about Dave was different. He'd never felt a hate so pure; he didn't know he could even hate so strongly before Dave.

Despite it being within arm's reach of Karkat Dave strode over, looking as cool as ever, and got it for him. His eyes never strayed from Karkat as he handed it to him.

"As you wish." Dave told him before turning around and leaving, Karkat unable to speak past the feeling of cotton in his mouth and his heart in his throat.


It's outside Dave's little hovel, against the background of a setting sun, that they kiss. Finally, passionately; Karkat can barely think and Dave is too engrossed to keep up his cool kid poker face as lips meet and--

==> Wait, this is a kissing story? Between two guys? Who aren't even the same species? And they don't even like each other? Hold on, Nanna...


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