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Title is random, don't pay much attention to it. I'm listening to that song (by A Fine Frenzy) so it may end up being irrelevant.

On another note; I don't think I'm finishing my Princess Bride/Homestuck crossover. Not any time soon, at least. Feel free to pick it up or post it somewhere asking someone else to pick it up-- I'm fine with whatever people want to do. Change characters and start it over, finish it however they please, change how it's being told, whatever. All fair game. Give credit for what I've written if you use it, if not then don't as it's not my idea anyway.

Back to what this post is about!

I sort of love Mollyarty. A lot. (Also Moriarty/Moran, so expect that in here too, if this becomes A Thing. Which I hope it will.)

warnings; Moriarty. I think that about covers it.

It was at a coffee house-- of course it was at a coffee house. )
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Okay this is still a work in progress, but I'll write as much as I can and hopefully see this through until the end. Twice. It's sort of daunting! This is my first Homestuck fic, and I've never planned to do such a long fic so... yeah.

Anyway, how this goes is I will take this in both a serious (well, as serious as I can) and a silly direction. They'll be sort of similar, one will just be crackier than the other.

As always, please critique and stuff. It's really appreciate as I'm always up for improving and I'm pretty new in this fandom, so goodness knows I could use critique. (Oh, and I fail and make the silliest typos, so if you spot something let me know so I can fix it and and look less stupid. ♥)

Anyway, onto the fic.

==> Be the sick kid in bed )
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